Frequently asked questions and contact form

Cancelling your membership or credit card change

Just go to the CCBill website, fill in all the requested details and you will be able to update your payment profile or even cancel your recurring membership. You can cancel your recurring membership at any time and you will naturally stay our member until the end of the current period (you won't be billed again).

Lost password

Please send us an email (you can use the contact form below) and we will send you your forgotten password. Please use the same email address as the one you had registered with. If you need to update your email address, you have to do it yourself in your CCBill profile.

Secure and discreet payments

All payments are currently processed by CCBill (and possibly Epoch in the future), the world's largest and most reliable adult payment processor. Payment info is always entered on secure (HTTPS) pages, we don't have access to your payment details (only the payment processor does) and the title of the site will NOT appear on the bill so don't worry about that. The name of the bill will be "idealvision s.r.o.".

Denied payments

If your payment is blocked there are two possibilities. Either your country is blocked as a whole and then you can get in touch and we will try to unblock you. Or you were blocked for a different reason and in such case the decision is purely up to the payment processor and we can't accept the transaction and override the denial. In those cases you have to contact CCBill.


If your recurring payment fails (usually when you change your credit card) CCBill will probably send you a reactivation link via email. If you use that link to change your payment details you will be able to continue your current membership - but bear in mind CCBill notifies us of reactivations just on hourly basis so you will probably have to wait approx. one hour before your account becomes active again.

We apologize but our site is now closed and all the memberships have expired. Everything is explained in the news.