Website closure - joining not possible

It's not possible to join PeeInDetail anymore. Over the past few months we were fighting with several unfavorable factors, some of which being:

  • - total lack of new customers - even huge discounts didn't help at all. Even $10 is apparently too much for 275 FHD videos!
  • - Russian thieves/pirates stealing and publishing our content in adult forums and on filesharing servers
  • - unreliable models and difficult filming conditions

Finally we have given up. Our videos may (or may not) appear on some of our other websites in the future. We're not sure yet. Please do NOT contact us with questions on that because no decisions have been made and we do NOT sell PeeInDetail videos in any way now.

We will focus our attention on our other wetting/pissing site that is commercially successful - LoveWetting. We will be happy to welcome you there!