Freezing cold II feat.  Veronika Bezděková - April 23, 2018

Do you remember Petra and her peeing under the bridge in very cold weather? Veronika will follow her example. She's an amateur girl and was really hesitating whether to pee for our camera or not. In the end she agreed and you can watch this girl who just graduated from high school.

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I like the nervous demeanor that comes with being outdoor. This was a nice one.


Public was very good, but a full bladder please!


It is obvious that her friend beside her really needed to pee! It could be nice to see the desperation leading up to her peeing in the next movie where I am guessing she will pee. :-)


Southerncr: Actually, this says Part II, but it's a prequel. Part I is the other girl, Petra, and she is FAR more desperate. I'm not sure why it's in reverse order over a month later, but I'm not complaining.


VALTOR111: the reason behind that is that this girl was stressed so much after the shooting that she cancelled the contract with us. After some time we agreed on a deal so we can publish her scenes as well...