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Help needed feat.  Niki Mladejová - May 13, 2018


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What an said news, I will definitely miss this site, the pee detail it was awesome, an site not like others on the internet, but really with an own content peeindetail os this clips awesome!!, is it not possible to set an pin for downloads like by lovewetting and is it o so possible to set an protection on the video clips so that thy not can share the clips illegal any more


That's real bad news to shut down the site. It was a quite unique and very refreshing site with heaps of juicy vids at a super reasonable monthly subscription. I feel very sorry for the webmaster but I thank you very much for those 283 vids until now. Great stuff - I loved and appreciated it as a loyal member for nearly a year now !!! Cheers !!


HC-BLIDS - the piracy is the smaller of the two problems. The bigger problem is that nobody wants to pay for adult content anymore. We couldn't get enough customers at least to cover the expenses... If we offer a discounted membership for $10/$20 and we get ONE new customer per day (and two others cancel in the same time)... it's sad.