Dirty asshole 主演  Adéla Koutná - 2018年5月18日

Adela is waiting at the bus stop and unfortunately for her the shelter is from glass so there's no way she could squat behind it and pee in front of all the cars. She literally runs to a nearby park where she finds a portable toilet.
parku, kde je mobilní WC. (I hope you like dirty asses!).


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That's fantastic. I reckon she's been holding her shit in through out a day's worth of shooting and took a dump at some point prior to this moment and didn't bother to wipe. Dirty girl. :D Me like. Me like so much. I like girls like her.


``I hope you like dirty asses``
You are very right. I love to see dirty assholes. Better if there is some pooping too.


Can I clean it using my tongue.